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Message from Yuya UCHIDA


In 1973, the concert of only a few bands such as "CAROL" "Funny Company" "Sadistic Mika Band,” and so on started and it continues to 21st century from 20th century.
It overcame many difficulties and celebrated “the 39th anniversary!”
Since the 2000s, it has advanced outside Japan with a theme and had the new title "NEW YEARS WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL!". This year it is going to be held in TOKYO, London, Seoul, Shanghai, and Los Angeles after two years absence.
Having the strong policy, "Rock’n’Roll will change the culture across the borders, we musicians will play on stages in 5 countries with the slogan "STOP global warming!," "STOP WAR!," "STOP NUKES!."
The “ROCK FESTIVAL” is the one and the only concert in the world.

March 11, 2011
14 hours 46 minutes 18.1 seconds

East Japan was attacked by the earthquake of 9.0 magnitude. And the “THUNAMI” of 15 meters swallowed all those people who lived there! The number of casualties are 19334!
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant suffered meltdown. “HIROSHIMA,” “NAGASAKI”,and then, “Japan was raped three times by radiation!!”
I was stunned with the disastrous reality of daily news.
After a few days I thought, “Now, what Rock can do!?” so what is what!!.....
March 19, with HIRO, Hakryu, MIHARA, Haruo Chikada, Johnio, BILLY, Kan Takagi, SHIBATA, TAKANO, ISHIBASHI, ROCKER, DJ, Designer, and so on.
And that Joe came out of the Hospital! We had the banners of “HELP!” and “Warm heart to East Japan!” We had the fund box of HELP for each hand. We had the hand speaker. Hachikomae in Shibuya(in front of Shibuya Station) was in uproar, all of us walked to Shibuya Koukaidou (a concert hall) with singing “POWER TO THE PEOPLE”.

April 6, we went to “ISHINOMAKI”! There was no petrol in gas stands, so it was hard to find carrying gasoline cans.
We went with “690 of BANANAs!”, “690 of Tangerines” and 400 of Pizzas, in our 4 cars.
Friends also helped us a lot to collect BANANAs, Tangerines, and Pizzas.
After driving 7 hours, we arrived at “ICHIOJI SHRINE” in “ISHINOMAKI”.
The coast had been swept away! All we could see was ruins.
I was at a loss to see the sight.
Everyone was silent, and the concert was stared.
Shrine has been inclined by Tsunami.
We appeared in “FM Ishinomaki”.
There were not many staffs and some of them were victims.
A lot of people came together to the Shrine.
We did the stage with hand speakers and an acoustic guitar. We did the best.
There was also Claude MAKI.
When we handed Pizza and Banana to a lady and a child, she said “This child's parents were passed away!”
I couldn’t find any words.
I just held the hand strong!
It was the most high-impact stage of my life for over 50 years ROCK’N ROLL!
I never forget it for all my life!

After that we fund raised in “TOKUSHIMA”, “OSAKA”, “YOKOHAMA-CHUUKAGAI”. “JOE” was always together!
In September, Mr. YANAI produced “LIVE FUKUSIMA” in Koriyama in Fukushima.
I appeared as a secret guest!
“I LOVE YOU FUKUSHIMA!” “INAWASIROKOs”. The local musicians sang powerfully with the audience. I felt the reality and the power of ROCK!
In December I visited “ISHINOMAKI” again. The top scene of “NYWRF” was captured.
I bought a bike at the bike shop named “DAISHARIN ISHINOMAKI”.
I went by bike.
The young owner said, when he rushed back to help his dog, “TUNAMI” was coming!
In second floor he held his dog and was swept away about 1500 feet, “I thought I’m gona die ”.
I said, “Your dog saved your life!”
“Now, what Rock can do!” However it was small power, I believe it was good to have acted quickly.
It is small power but I respect ROCK’N ROLLER!
“JOE YAMANAKA”, “YOSHIO HARADA” and “GEORGE YANAGI” passed away. These three musicians had appeared on the stage of NEW YEARS WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL.
Sincerely I pray for “Revive the disaster area.,” “Decontaminate the radioactive,” and “God bless those who died and missing”.
Reconstruction and peace as soon as possible!!
I appreciate the seniors, my friends, and staff members who supported our concerts!!
Rock’n Roll
Yuya Uchida

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